Fabrique nomade

All of the intimacy of traditional chamber music with a modern sensibility and leading edge technology.

Recently featured on the French National Radio’s Tapage Nocturne, the acclaimed electronic chamber music Ensemble Fabrique Nomade is comprised of augmented violin, cello, flute, and the cutting-edge digital instrument Karlax, which uses the artist’s natural movements for an unlimited freedom in creation and artistic expression.

Combining the traditional instruments with the new, Fabrique Nomade expands the expressive possibilities and celebrates the fluid “live interplay” now possible between performers and digital sound possibilities.

The result?  Listeners forget the technology and fully enter the remarkable aesthetic universes of composers such as this season’s repertoire of new works by Michele Tadini, Francis Faber, Lorenzo Bianchi, and Tom Mays.

Known for their uncanny ability to mix digital and acoustic sounds, their dazzling virtuosity, and intense expressivity, Fabrique Nomade in performance has been described as the “splendor of electronic music in the flesh.”

The group’s festival appearances and residences include the cutting-edge CitySonic Festival in Le Mans, Belgium; The National Conservatory in Dieppe; and the Blanc-Mesnil Forum in Paris. Through their commissioning, Fabrique Nomade is opening new avenues for artistic expression for the most exciting young composers in Europe.