6 November 2018
6 November 2018, 21:00

Quatuor Impact

From 6 to 7 November 2018

"What do I see of this window, if not hats and coats, that can cover spectra or feigned men who only move by springs? But I judge that they are real men, by the sole power of judging who is in my mind, what I thought I saw with my eyes".

René Descartes, Metaphysical Meditations

Les Automates de Descartes is inspired by the philosopher's thought, which describes his confusion when faced with the movement of figures that he does not know how to describe as human or mechanical. At the frontier of reality and artificiality, in a close encounter with the technological devices that surround them, the four musicians animate a succession of visual, musical and choreographic tableaux in the dark.

The Quatuor IMPACT invites you to an experimental and dreamlike journey among the contemporary works that make up this program. Each piece explores a facet of the puppet body, questions the entity of the quartet, the relationship to the score and the writing of the movement. The works respond to each other, creating a memory of gesture, echoes, repetitions, which contribute in various nuances to the disarticulation of the musicians' humanity, which have become the abstract mechanisms of this mechanical ballet.