Introduction to Szuhwa Wu’s thesis on the Anthèmes by Pierre Boulez here.

Einstein on Catherine Deneuve

@ La Rodia

Szuhwa Wu and Frédéric Morel join forces in this project exploring minimalist music. Philip Glass' « Mishima » will be performed by two string quartets. Fredéric Morel has composed a piece for large ensemble: with more than 30 students from diverse instrument families - a stylishly eclectic work, from orchestral colors to symphonic noise...


Béatrice Linon, professor of historical violin performance, and Szuhwa Wu, professor of violin and chamber music, join forces and create a project that brings together historical and contemporary string repertoires and practices to their students at the Conservatoire in Besançon.
Through intensive workshops and final concerts at the Auditorium and the Regional Contemporary Art Collection, students can experience first-hand both the historically informed performance practice and the most recent inventions by contemporary composers. The program includes repertory by Jean-Baptiste Lully and his groundbreaking ensemble Vingt-quatre Violons du Roi, first orchestra in the history of European music, improvisations based on ground basses such as passamezzo antico in the way they were practiced in the 16th century, modern ensemble pieces utilizing extended techniques, the world premiere of a new composition for violin and electronics using today’s most cutting-edge technology…
Come join us on March 21 and 22 at the Cité des arts in Besançon to experience string instruments at the center of musical creativity and invention!

Chamber Music Exchange

In a new collaboration between the Conservatoires of Besançon and Nancy, Szuhwa Wu and Nadia Cauvin, professors of chamber music from their respective institutions, launched the Chamber Music Exchange in February. Students in strings, winds, keyboard instruments are all welcome to participate.
After weeks of preparation, twenty-six students from the two conservatories travelled to the partner city, received masterlcasses and performed before live audiences.

Création numérique avec son et musique

In workshops led by composition teachers and Szuhwa Wu, advanced music students at the Conservatoire du Pays de Montbéliard improvise, record, process, transform, and edit their own production. Guided by the team of professors, students experience the creative process first-hand and compose a short piece for his/her instrument and electronics, culminating in a final performance.